And Now a Word From Our Sponsors…

The skating Hershey's kisses
The skating Hershey’s kisses

Remember the pair skating Hersey’s Kisses?

Just like figure skaters’ new programs, every year, I look forward to see what new figure skating commercials are out there. The amount of attention figure skating received prior to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was phenomenal. I mean, who didn’t love the Wonder Bread kids or the skating glasses?


I always loved the commercials that came out of the success of Olympians after the games. Remember Elizabeth Manley’s commercial for McCain, fresh off her 1988 Silver Medal from the Calgary Games?

There used to be a time when you didn’t need to be a big name to be in a figure skating commercial, seen in this 1980s McDonald’s commercial.

And other commercials just seem to use skating in their ads because…they can. I truly have no idea what the connection is between skating and dentures, but my marketing instructor always said if you don’t understand an ad, it’s not for you.

Luckily, I understand the Hershey’s kisses one!

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