And Now a Word From Our Sponsors…

Remember the pair skating Hersey’s Kisses?

Just like figure skaters’ new programs, I love skating commercials. The amount of attention figure skating received prior to the 2010 Vancouver Olympics was phenomenal. The Wonder Bread kids. The Petro Canada skating drinking glasses.

Remember Elizabeth Manley’s commercial for McCain Mr. Juicy, fresh off her 1988 silver medal from the Calgary Games? I would’ve given my eyeteeth to be cast in this commercial. If there’d been a Canada-wide open casting call – I would’ve given my parents two choices. Take me to the call, or I’m living with my grandparents. But, in seriousness, the kids in the commercial were five years younger than me.

Sometimes, you didn’t have to be an Elizabeth Manley or Patrick Chan to be in a figure skating commercial – or it was against the skating federation rules. Casting directors would cast either aspiring Olympians or actors who could skate. This perky 1980s McDonald’s commercial is one example.

Other commercials utilize our sport for reasons unknown. No one told them “no.” because would use skating in their ads because nobody said they couldn’t. I don’t know what the connection between skating and dentures, but as my marketing instructor would say, if you don’t understand an ad, it’s not for you.

Luckily, I understand the Hershey’s kisses one!

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