Not a Novice – An Interview with Kira Gallant

Last November, I covered the Skate Alberta-NWT/Nunavut sectionals for the Edmonton Journal.

Once home, I wrote my story and compiled competition results, and live–tweeted – for fun(!) The deadline loomed, and my computer screens constantly changed — the adrenaline definitely flowed.

I stepped away from the computer for not more than three minutes, and I realized I missed one of the scores for the novice women.

And in February I realized who.

Dressed in a coral coloured dress covered in sequin, Kira Gallant skated through her free program at the National Simulations prior to going to Canadians. Her name wasn’t announced, and the amount of triples she unleashed led me to believe she skated at the senior level.

However, Gallant was a novice.

At the Skate Alberta-NWT/Nunavut sectionals, Gallant won the bronze medal, and advanced to Skate Canada Challenge in Regina. There, the she placed 11th, and won her first trip to the Canadians.

“It was my first time going,” Gallant said. “I loved the rink (in Mississauga), it was huge.”

Gallant placed 12th at the 2013 Canadian Tire National Figure Skating Championships with a score of 91.77, improving on her score at sectionals by 9.05 points.

Coached by her mom Terri at the Sherwood Park FSC, Gallant took to the ice when she was six years old. Now 16 years old, Gallant always gravitated towards the sport. Her favourite part about figure skating:

“Anytime I landed a jump, it’s that feeling.”

As a child, the Salisbury Composite high school student won the first figure skating competition she entered. Now, Gallant is looking ahead to competitions next year at a different level when she advances to junior. Gallant’s ultimate goal is to advance to the senior Canadians, and medal in the event at any level.

“I want to go back next year!” Gallant said.

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