CanSkate Then and Now – Retro CFSA Badges to Skate Canada Levels and Ribbons

For my first ice show, I was a lollipop. The only thing I remember is touching my toes because my long hair fell in front of my face. I was a Beginner under the National Skating Test (N.S.T.) stream. This changed for the 1983/84 season when the Canadian Figure Skating Association (CFSA., now Skate Canada)... Continue Reading →

The Arborg Ice Show – The New Generation

Growing up in a small town - or village - there are a few certainties. You have two grocery stores, two or three restaurants, and there's a summer and winter carnival. In Arborg, Manitoba, there's an annual summer fair. And we used to have a winter carnival. The Arborg Winter Carnival was a three-day, family-friendly... Continue Reading →

A Throwback Skating Tale – Uphill … Both Ways

What's better than watching old ice shows and competition footage on a snowy winter's day? A few years ago, I transferred a stack of VHS tapes to DVD. Preparing for a journey down the Arborg Skating Club's past, I snuggled with a blanket, I pressed play and certain details popped out. Or, should I say... Continue Reading →

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