From Eight to Sixteen – The Story of a Synchronized Skating Team

Skating isn't all about the medals. It's about the memories. Medals are a bonus though. During the Arborg Skating Club's 1988/1989 season, our coach produced three successful synchronized (precision) skating teams. I was on the eight-member senior team, winning two silver medals. Two competitions, two silver medals. Not too shabby. We won our second silver... Continue Reading →

You’ve Been Warned – The Dangers of Flash Photography in Figure Skating

It was the 1990 Arborg Skating Club competition. Pitting Arborg skater against Arborg skater. While skating to Rick Springfield's "Don't Walk Away," a skater - who was pegged to win the gold medal - threw herself into an Axel. However, at close range, someone flashed the skater in the face with a camera. She tumbled... Continue Reading →

Camel Spins Ready to Fly at the Arborg Skating Club

Skaters, start your sit spins. On January 11, the 2015 Interlake Regional STARSkate Championships land at the Arborg Skating Club. A total of 66 skaters will vie for medals and ribbons, plus the opportunity to represent their club at the Manitoba Open and STARSkate Championship. Skaters will travel to Arborg from East St. Paul, Stony... Continue Reading →

The Arborg Ice Show – The New Generation

Growing up in a small town - or village - there are a few certainties. You have two grocery stores, two or three restaurants, and there's a summer and winter carnival. In Arborg, Manitoba, there's an annual summer fair. And we used to have a winter carnival. The Arborg Winter Carnival was a three-day, family-friendly... Continue Reading →

An Interlake Regional Memory – Capturing a Golden Figure Skating Kodak Moment

The Interlake Regionals are an annual competition that debuted in 1975. After researching the archives, I learned the Arborg Skating Club attended the Interlake Regionals prior to 1989, attending in the late-70s and early-80s.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I skated, January meant one thing: the Interlake Regionals. After a brief hiatus, the Arborg Skating Club attended the 1989 Interlake... Continue Reading →

A Throwback Skating Tale – Uphill … Both Ways

What's better than watching old ice shows and competition footage on a snowy winter's day? A few years ago, I transferred a stack of VHS tapes to DVD. Preparing for a journey down the Arborg Skating Club's past, I snuggled with a blanket, I pressed play and certain details popped out. Or, should I say... Continue Reading →

Goodbye Mysterious Voice – Attention Skating Spectators, Please Keep Your Comments to Yourself

It was twenty years later and those muffle voices still hurt. Until this morning. I love watching the old ice shows and competitions my dad shot when I was younger. Although, he didn't capture my least favourite solo from the 1990 Arborg Ice Show: Movie Mania. Despite my coach’s efforts, I was a very stiff... Continue Reading →

Spandex, Spangles and a Seam Ripper – My Homespun Costumes

The 1987 Arborg Ice Show - Candyland. My last year of CanSkate, we were bakers. I'm third from the left, shining like a disco ball. Today, I saw a post on Facebook: "Do you remember when mom would make your clothes?" I chimed in: "Clothing and skating dresses." Thanks, mom, for the memories.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anyone who understands... Continue Reading →

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