CanSkate Then and Now – Retro CFSA Badges to Skate Canada Levels and Ribbons

For my first ice show, I was a lollipop. I remember touching my toes because my long hair fell in front of my face. And not much else. I was a Beginner under the National Skating Test (N.S.T.) stream. This changed in 1983/84 when the Canadian Figure Skating Association (C.F.S.A., now Skate Canada) introduced CanSkate... Continue Reading →

Interlake Regionals Succeed Through Fog

They would've skated to the competition. On January 22, through the fog and slick roads, skaters from nine clubs travelled to Teulon for the 2017 Interlake Regional STARSkate Championships to vie for medals and ribbons. The competition went “All and all pretty smooth,” according to club president, Audra Nesbitt-Hume. “Nobody cancelled due to weather surprisingly,”... Continue Reading →

Camel Spins Ready to Fly at the Arborg Skating Club

Skaters, start your sit spins. On January 11, the 2015 Interlake Regional STARSkate Championships land at the Arborg Skating Club. A total of 66 skaters will vie for medals and ribbons, plus the opportunity to represent their club at the Manitoba Open and STARSkate Championship. Skaters will travel to Arborg from East St. Paul, Stony... Continue Reading →

The Arborg Ice Show – The New Generation

Big Ball Soccer, part of the corporate challenge, my Dad in the red toque, Winter Carnival 1987 The Arborg Ice Carnival used to be on a Sunday, part of a weekend of family friendly events during - usually - the coldest time of the year. There was a corporate challenge with different winter events, such... Continue Reading →

An Interlake Regional Memory – Capturing a Golden Figure Skating Kodak Moment

The Interlake Regionals are an annual competition that debuted in 1975. After researching the archives, I learned the Arborg Skating Club attended the Interlake Regionals prior to 1989, attending in the late-70s and early-80s.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I skated, January meant one thing: the Interlake Regionals. After a brief hiatus, the Arborg Skating Club attended the 1989 Interlake... Continue Reading →

A Throwback Skating Tale – Uphill … Both Ways

I don’t know what it is about freshly fallen snow, but I dragged out my old ice carnival and competition footage – already transferred to DVD. This time, though, certain details popped out. Or, should I say changes? Helmet use was not mandatory in CanSkate in the mid-80s. It was optional. In one of the... Continue Reading →

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