To The Worlds, A CBC Documentary – The Story Behind the Story

L-R: Isabella Ciocoiu; Donna Bergvinson; Karen Smith; Wendy Ord; Maureen Barnes; and Henrietta Penney It was a "filmmaker's dream come true." Independent filmmaker, assistant director, and adult figure skater, Wendy Ord, wanted to produce a documentary on adult skaters - ages 46 to 77 - who travel from Kelowna, BC to the ISU Adult Figure... Continue Reading →

Patrick Chan Fell, Get Over It

Did you hear? Patrick Chan fell four times at the Japan Open earlier this month and placed last? Blog upon blog have dumped on Chan since his result, and Twitter wasn’t too kind either. With Chan going into the Skate Canada Invitational as the two-time defending champion, no doubt the Japan Open is weighing on... Continue Reading →

A Tribute to Barbara Ann Scott

This morning my heart literally skipped a beat.As I watched the morning news, I put my head down for a mere second to scoop up some cereal, only to hear my husband ask, did you see that? I snapped my head up just as the headline ticker passed with enough information to comprehend: Barbara Ann... Continue Reading →

Ben Ferreira, Will You Be My Friend?

Figure skaters are taking the social networking sites by storm to promote their television shows, their causes and themselves. And why not? The sites are great vehicles. After a quick search on Twitter, I was able to track down, and follow, Katarina Witt, Jeffrey Buttle and of course Kurt Browning. Facebook is a tad different.... Continue Reading →

Binder, Paper, Scissors – An Adolescence Well Documented

The winds passed like a Chinook over the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary.  Amateurs turned professional, allowing new faces to emerge, such as American sweetheart Jill Trenary, pair strongholds Isabelle Brasseur and Lloyd Eisler, and Canada’s Cowboy Kurt Browning. I started to document their progress - and skaters at the local level. Collecting newspaper clippings... Continue Reading →

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