Manitoba Synchro Team Fearless at Nationals

Ice Intrepid lived up to their name tonight. The University of Manitoba team were fearlessness at the Skate Canada Synchronized Skating Championships on Friday, February 24th. They skated the first portion of the competition, Free Program I, with endurance and poise, garnering a score of  52.30. They skate their Free Program II on Saturday, February... Continue Reading →

An Interlake Regional Memory – Capturing a Golden Figure Skating Kodak Moment

The Interlake Regionals are an annual competition that debuted in 1975. After researching the archives, I learned the Arborg Skating Club attended the Interlake Regionals prior to 1989, attending in the late-70s and early-80s.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When I skated, January meant one thing: the Interlake Regionals. After a brief hiatus, the Arborg Skating Club attended the 1989 Interlake... Continue Reading →

Spandex, Spangles and a Seam Ripper – My Homespun Costumes

The 1987 Arborg Ice Show - Candyland. My last year of CanSkate, we were bakers. I'm third from the left, shining like a disco ball. Today, I saw a post on Facebook: "Do you remember when mom would make your clothes?" I chimed in: "Clothing and skating dresses." Thanks, mom, for the memories.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anyone who understands... Continue Reading →

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